I’ve lived by this tip and it has been a tried and true method for me to hit my goals. Gathering all the internet karma and heart reactions is so much more worth it once I no longer have to keep working.

Source: in 2020 I announced for the first time I quit my 15 year chewing tobacco habit after going cold turkey for 3 years.

After 6 months of the pandemic I shared my celebration of losing 50lbs and knowing I had already hit my goal made me feel like I really deserved the compliments.

After working for 6 weeks to rebrand my website and business i finally launched and got 100x more views than I did compared to my other posts advertising it.

I had already made and published my first podcast episode and organically grew it before I shared it amongst my social media friends. They were so much more interested in the project once it was already established versus needing their support to kick it off.

Countless other achievements I’ve done have worked by this method. It just works to keep a personal battle to yourself until after you’ve won it.

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