I’m definitely not saying it’s any better for guys, but I posted my face yesterday for the first time and woke up to 39 very lovely messages including two dick pics, someone asking me to be their sugar baby, someone asking me to sell them my socks, two people asking for nudes, three people asking if I’m a virgin/”how far I’ve gone,” and someone asking to be my foot-eating slave.

It’s even worse on Discord and Kik, and I deleted Omegle months ago bc I don’t wanna die.

Even just mentioning my gender/age can generate some pretty creepy DMs.

EDIT: OKAY GUYS I KNOW I SHOULDN’T HAVE POSTED MY FACE,, I thought it would be fine since it was a teen-specific sub with a strict policy on DMs. Lesson learned I guess. Please stop saying that I had it coming bc yes it was stupid of me but I still don’t think the response was warranted

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