When you’re looking for a new area to live in, what are some things you take into consideration? The price of the home, the schools, local shops?

Maybe you should consider how happy the area will make you. According to the annual “happy at home” index, Hexham in Northumberland has been crowned Britain’s happiest place to live.

Now in its 10th year, the index compiled by Rightmove asked more than 21,000 people across Britain how they feel about different aspects of where they live.

The happiness measures include friendliness, community spirit, whether people feel like they can be themselves, nature and green spaces, opportunities locally to develop skills and amenities including schools, restaurants, shops and sports facilities.

Notably, Hexham has an average price tag on a house of £297,088, which is a quarter of the price of a house in Richmond, south west London, the areas that takes number two spot on the list, where the average house costs around £1.2m. St. Ives, which took last year’s top spot, is now at number eight.