Every person bloats. But what occurs when your bloated tummy doesn’t feel to be disappearing and you’re not even having any much more than normal?

Persistent bloating is a cancer symptom which numerous women of all ages are unaware of. In point, fewer than a single in five women of all ages (17%) would ebook an urgent GP appointment if they have been going through it, in accordance to a poll by Target Ovarian Cancer.

In contrast, with other most cancers indicators – this sort of as an unexplained lump or a mole that has transformed shape – more than 50% of women of all ages would get to their GP in just a week.

The charity has warned that life are at danger because girls are not receiving urgent most cancers indicators checked throughout the pandemic.

Della Ogunleye, 59, from south London, experienced persistent bloating for a few months prior to she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.