Lorraine Kelly has reported she has “no doubt” Piers Morgan will be again on Superior Early morning Britain.

The ITV presenter has spoken out amid speculation Piers could return to the channel’s breakfast display following making an abrupt exit previously this year. 

Talking to The Sun, Lorraine mentioned: “He will be back in some shape or form, I have no question. I know nothing at all, but hardly ever depend him out of nearly anything.

Despite Piers’ controversial general public profile, Lorraine maintains he is truly a big softie.

She explained: “I have a ton of time for him. He’s pretty kind to me. He goes ridiculous when I say this – he does not like me doing it – but he’s in fact a truly great dude.

“He claims to me ‘will you stop stating that I’m a nice human being due to the fact it’s really bad for my brand’. That can make me want to do it even a lot more!”