The initial “E” in our PEACE pact signifies consider all policing linked contracts, guidelines, and cultural norms. Reforming policing on the ground calls for reform and revision of the multi-layers of regulations, contracts and cultural norms that control local policing. Between other issues, we advise evaluation, revision, or renegotiation of collective bargaining agreements, codes of conduct, regulation enforcement officers’ payments of rights, and non-criminal offense linked policing capabilities this sort of as social get the job done and mental health guidance.

Black mayors are putting this into apply. Past yr, in June, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued govt orders requiring officers to use de-escalation strategies ahead of they use fatal drive. Officers should also intervene if fellow officers use too much force. […]

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“[O]ffenses like disorderly conduct, obstruction, and resisting arrest are easily alleged, they efficiently give law enforcement the electric power to arrest primarily based on violations of their individual perception of authority.”
          ~~Alexandra Natapoff, Punishment Without having Crime: How Our Significant Misdemeanor Procedure Traps the Harmless and Can make The us Extra Unequal (


On this day at Everyday Kos in 2006—Extend Debate on Alito:

t would seem crystal clear to me that the significance of Alito’s sights on government ability, accessibility to the courts, civil liberties, the suitable to privacy, the federal Commerce ability, and a myriad of other difficulties, is only now coming into correct target. Additional time is wanted for the Senate to thoroughly have out its Constitutional functionality of tips and consent.

An appointment to the Supreme Court is for a lifetime. Samuel Alito is 55 yrs outdated and, like Justice O’Connor, is very likely to sit on the Courtroom for a quarter century if confirmed.

Specified the stakes, an added time period of consideration and debate would seem appropriate. The duration of this additional period need not automatically be extended nor the debate protracted. It would seem to me that with a quite transient interval of consideration, the users of the Senate can chart a class for acceptable motion pertaining to Choose Alito.

As a result, I urge the Senate, and in certain the Senators of the Democratic Caucus, to look at moving for extended discussion to even further think about the nomination of Choose Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court docket.