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It’s the new year so it’s time to share the most popular recipes of 2019 from Fab Food 4 All and fellow food bloggers!

I love compiling this list of what readers think are my best recipes every year. It’s fascinating to see how trends change.

I heard Lewis Capaldi on TV the other day saying that he never knew what was going to be a hit but that he just shared what he liked. The same could be said for my recipes. I share recipes that myself and my family like and just love it when they become popular with you too.

So sit down, grab a coffee, tea or beverage of your choice and let me count you down to my top recipe of last year. I wonder if you can guess what it is?

The Top 20 Recipes of 2019

20. Granny’s Quick Lemon Curd (↓9)
This is the quickest and easiest lemon curd recipe ever! My granny was always making this delicious curd so thank goodness my sister made a note of it on one of my recipe cards. I found the card a few years ago and put flesh to the bones of the scant recipe.

Granny's Quick Lemon Curd with teaspoon & lemons in background.

19. ActiFry Chicken Thighs and other Quick Recipe ideas for when you’re tired! (↓12) 
These crispy chicken thighs take seconds to prepare and are so versatile! Serve with salad or in a bun for a quick and tasty meal.

ActiFry Chicken Thighs in a dish.

18. One Punnet Strawberry Jam (1st Prize Winning) (↑3) 
My One Punnet Strawberry Jam was inspired by The Great British Bakeoff where they always seem to whip up a small pan of jam to use as a cake filling. I highly recommend using it in my Victoria Sandwich along with some clotted cream! 

Quick One Punnet Strawberry Jam in jar with a teaspoon and scattered strawberries.

17. Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam (↓1) 
I made this Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam for my husband as he doesn’t like fruit with seeds. Turns out he’s no alone! Would make a great doughnut filling!

Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam - Fab Food 4 All

16. Damson Jam (↓1) 
A gnarly old Damson tree in my parents’ garden was the inspiration for my Damson Jam recipe. I also share a unique tip for pitting damsons! A beautiful jam with a unique flavour!

Damson Jam with my tip for pitting Damsons easily! @FabFood4All

15. Banana Pudding (↑3) 
If you ask Google what to do with 5 leftover or overripe bananas then my Banana Pudding is at the top of the search! I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had this dessert and will often buy extra bananas just to make it!

Banana Pudding - a great way to use up overripe bananas and a long time family favourite! Fab Food 4 All #banana #pudding #dessert #thrifty #foodwaste #frugal #vegetarian

14. Easy Blackberry & Apple Jam (↓1) 
I put the slight fall of my Blackberry & Apple Jam down to the lack lustre blackberry season last year. It’s been number one in years gone by and I have a huge soft spot for this jam, such an incredible flavour!

Easy Blackberry & Apple Jam - Fab Food 4 All

13. Bacon & Potato Layer Bake (↑4) 
This is a dish I grew up with and slightly adapted. Layers of bacon, sliced potatoes, onion and tomato are repeated then finished off with a layer of cheese and a little stock then baked. A thrifty and delicious family meal!

Bacon & Potato Layer Bake - Fab Food 4 All

12. Eve’s Pudding (↔12)

I think Eve’s Pudding is my all time favourite pudding which I first learned to make at school. A layer of cooked Bramley apples is topped with a vanilla sponge. Serve with custard for the ultimate comfort pud!

Eve's Pudding - aerial view of dish with portion missing and serving spoon surrounded by Bramley apples & tea towel.

11. Slow Cooked Chicken Italian (↓2) 
I know the appeal with this recipe as you simply dump the ingredients and go! Chicken thighs are cooked with Italian chopped tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, black olives etc for a yummy family meal!

Slow Cooked Chicken Italian in a crock pot.

10. Quick & Spicy Prawn Curry (↑10) 
My Quick & Spicy Prawn Curry does what it says on the tin and is a great alternative to a Friday night takeaway. Creamy and hot, using traditional Indian ingredients and spices curries don’t get much better than this and hence why it’s at number 10 in this count down!

Quick & Spicy Prawn Curry - Fab Food 4 All

9. Simple Blueberry Jam (↓4) 
Simple Blueberry Jam has just 3 ingredients and no added pectin (I never add pectin) and is a gem of a jam. If you grow your own blueberries or come across some cheap ones (yes they are expensive) then I urge you to make this jam!

Simple Blueberry Jam - no pectin, ,just 3 ingredients! #blueberry #jam #conserve #preserve #jamrecipes #blueberryrecipes #nopectin #nojamsugar

8. Monday Pie (↑6) 
My Monday Pie recipe has been gathering a pace all year and I’m not surprised. It’s the perfect recipe to use up your leftover Sunday roast beef and is so quick and easy to make. You’ll even find baked beans and mushrooms in there too!

Monday Pie - a great way to use up leftover beef! Fab Food 4 All #beef #comfortfood #mainmeal #leftovers

7. Nut Roast (Vegan & Gluten-free) (↓5) 
This Nut Roast is popular all year round and particularly at Christmas. I had a choice of recipes I could re-create for The Vegetarian Society so I’m very glad I chose this one a few years ago!

Nut Roast (vegan & gluten-free) - Fab Food 4 All

6. Non Alcoholic Mojito (↑2) 
Another recipe I chose and re-created for a client Originally made for Valentine’s Day this recipe is popular for celebrations all year round. No wonder, it’s a real treat!

Non Alcoholic Mojito - Fab Fod 4 All

5. One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot (↓1) 
Developed for Simply Beef & Lamb, my One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot is pure British comfort food and it would seem that you agree! OK there was one lady that said it was so tasteless she had to throw it in the bin but I think the evidence speaks for itself here LOL!

One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot so delicious, could it be the addition of cream of horseradish sauce that makes it so popular? #hotpot #mincedbeef #mincedbeefrecipes #beefrecipes #familydinner #dinnerrecipes #potatotopping #potato #slicedpotato

4. Quick & Easy Raspberry Jam (↑6) 
There must have been a bumper crop of raspberries last year as I don’t think my raspberry jam has ever ranked so high before!

Quick & Easy Raspberry Jam - no pectin! @FabFood4All

3. Cherry Jam (↓2) 
Last year’s top recipe was my Cherry Jam so a slight climb down this year. Utterly divine, if you haven’t already made it then it’s an absolute must!

Cherry Jam, simple and delicious! #cherry #preserve #conserve #jam #CherryJam #CherryRecipes #CherryConserve #CherryPreserve #JamRecipes #FabFood4All

2. Easy Grape Jam (↑3) 
When I decided to develop a grape jam recipe little did I know how amazing this jam is, the flavour is simply out of this world good. No wonder grape jelly and jam are so popular in across the pond! I have no idea why it’s not sold in the UK!

Opened jar of Easy Grape Jam with teaspoon of jam resting on top surrounded by grapes.

1. 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Roast Lamb (↑18) 
So, this year’s top ranked recipe, climbing a whopping 18 places is my deliciously moist, 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Roast Lamb. Readers love this recipe as it’s so incredibly quick & easy, taking just seconds to prepare! Best of all there are no splatters in your oven which is left free for roasting your vegetables!

2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Leg of Roast Lamb - in slow cooker

So those were Fab Food 4 All’s Top 20 Recipes of 2019. Are your favourites in there? Do let me know in the comments!

This is the first year that a jam hasn’t been at number 1! However, there are 9 jams/preserves in the top 20 which I’m really happy about as I am a crazy and passionate jam lady!

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So it just remains for me to with you a belated Happy New Year and I look forward to bringing you more culinary delights in 2020! Plus don’t forget to tag me using @FabFood4All on social media when you make any of my recipes, I love to see your creations! 

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