Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

Another tip from Knight is to put your scalp’s natural oils to good use. Don’t curl your hair after washing it, as it won’t hold the shape as well. “I’d say freshly washed hair isn’t ideal for curls in fine hair, so make the most of a second-day head,” he says. “Touch up a little with dry shampoo first. Then, start the curl process.” 

As for a more extreme but “very useful” tip, consider getting a perm. “If you want to sport waves or curls every day and just can’t make them stay, a perm is a great way to add some bite and texture into your hair before you begin styling,” Knight says. “Modern perms have come a long way since the very drying perms of the ’80s and ’90s. Find a salon that specializes in perm processes, and give it a try. You’ll find the curls you later add in with a curling iron stay in until the next wash!” 

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