Kids fashion outerwear by TÖASTIE to cosy up in for AW2021.

Toastie specialise in responsibly sourced down puffer jackets and soft shell waterproof raincoats which are technically designed to keep children cosy and warm so they can free their adventurous spirit without being weighed down by uncomfortable, bulky outerwear.

Plastic bottles are compressed and then sent to a yarn factory, shredded, thoroughly cleaned, then melted and spun into yarn. This yarn is recycled polyester, which is turned into the fabric for outerwear. Processes are quite technical so I will let them explain it;

“By choosing to use recycled polyester we are using up resources which are already in circulation and preventing new fossil fuels from being extracted. By ensuring recycled polyester is PET certified means that the plastic is post-consumer waste and not plastic produced specifically to be made into recycled polyester. It is deeply ironic and truly devastating that when recycled polyester is not certified post-consumer waste, it may have been derived this way.

Our recycled polyester is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.

As of 2021 our down products will only feature Re:Down® recycled down. Down is the most beautifully light, insulating, breathable and versatile product. It is naturally thermo-regulating, which means it will keep you warm in the cold, yet cool in the warm.

Re:Down® collects post-consumer waste from partners that share their same social values and transparency. The product collected is largely bedding, where the fabric holding the down is damaged, yet the feathers themselves remain in perfect condition.

Re:Down® uses the most environmentally friendly methods to regenerate the down and feathers. The feathers are washed using thermal water, which ultimately goes back through a recycling process and into the earth as clean drinking water.

No chemicals are used in the cleaning process, instead the down and feathers are washed using regular soap, sterilised at an extremely high temperate and given a water-resistant ecological FC free finish.

The structure of the down provides warmth by creating thousands of tiny air pockets from the interlocking fibres, whilst also allowing unwanted moisture to escape from being trapped. Real down provides three times the insulation of synthetic down and is the most lightweight option, above and beyond any man-made fibres, on the market at present.

Down retains its loft and shape, ensuring our jackets are as light and puffy to the eye as they are to the touch. We are passionate about the source of our down and only use Responsibly Sourced Down in our outerwear.”

The new cool TÖASTIE kids campaign for AW2021 was photographed by Joanne Paterson and Art Directed by Tracey Jacob.

Bold saffron colour shades for Toastie fall/winter 20201

Bold saffron colour shades for TÖASTIE fall/winter 20201


Kids fashion outerwear by TÖASTIE for winter 2021

Kids fashion outerwear by TÖASTIE for winter 2021


Cosy padded jackets for winter 21 by Toastie kidswear

Cosy padded jackets for winter 21 by TÖASTIE kidswear


Cool colour combinations at Toastie for kids fashion outerwear

Cool colour combinations at TÖASTIE for kids fashion outerwear


Double layering at Toastie for childrens outerwear AW21

Double layering at TÖASTIE for childrens outerwear AW21


For boys and girls Toastie jackets FW21

For boys and girls TÖASTIE jackets FW21


The perfect top layer for winter days out at Toastie

The perfect top layer for winter days out at TÖASTIE kidswear


Toastie jackets are responsibly sourced with recycled down and polyester made from plastic bottles

TÖASTIE jackets are responsibly sourced with recycled down and polyester made from plastic bottles

All photos by Joanne Paterson for TÖASTIE – all rights reserved

Art Direction by Tracey Jacob, styling by Kate Van Der Hage, Hair and make up by Oona.

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