The first room that I knew I wanted to fully complete in our new house was June’s room.

With so much transition happening with our move back in May, I wanted her to feel like she had a safe retreat and a space to call her own. June doesn’t do too well with change, so I tried to have everything done in her room before we moved in. Because I have never kept many toys or things in her room, the design process was very easy.

At this time, she also transitioned in to her big girl bed from a crib. I love the sleigh bed we ended up going with by Pottery Kids. It has higher sides to create a snuggly environment. We also added these foam bed bumpers underneath her fitted sheet which she absolutely loves. This prevents her from rolling out of bed and she also loves putting her head on them.

We started with a very blank canvas for her room. To give the space character, I added wainscoting paneling that I painted  and added Portola wallpaper above it (the style we used is no longer available). The drapes were custom made and we used an oatmeal linen color with blackout lining.

The art pieces were handed down and painted by my grandmother, Marion (which is June’s middle name). The absolute best decision we made for this room and for the playroom was to order custom rugs from Stanton. Both rooms feel carpeted, however the rugs were custom made using their Sumana style in the color sand. I am beyond happy with the way they turned out. It creates a super cozy feel in the rooms.



xoxo jacey

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