A list of words came to head: field, layer, cluster, form, line, body, and diagram. They did not occur all at once, but little by little, as I walked close to the exhibition Terry Winters: Table of Contents at Matthew Marks Gallery (Could 14–June 26, 2021). The accumulation of these phrases seemed to echo Winters’s paintings, which experience as if a sequence of diverse visual vocabularies have been both of those worked out and bonded on the painting’s surface. 

Drawing may be the jumping off place, a way to start off, but the additive system of painting inevitably takes about. Working in oil, wax, and resin on seven paintings, all measuring 88 by 68 inches, Winters starts with a thinly painted, brushy layer, which he might deal with fully or partially with a linear composition or sample of abstract shapes. 

The modern paintings, which are 8 inches larger sized than the kinds he showed at this gallery in 2018 (they measured 80 by 60 inches) and all vertically oriented, counsel that Winters is screening the restrictions of what could even now be regarded as a human-scaled portray. 

Terry Winters, Table of Contents (2020), graphite, ink, and wax on paper, 26 sheets, every 11 x 9 inches

These paintings are complimented by five paintings on paper measuring 40 ½ by 30 ½ inches and Table of Contents (2020), a sequence of 26 drawings accomplished in graphite, ink, and wax, measuring 11 by 9 inches, on the tabbed dividers you would purchase in a stationery retailer. 

Operating inside of these established parameters, with a vocabulary that is derived largely from the sciences, Winters suppresses the individuality of the artist but does not remove it: all over the place in his operate we can perception his direct and passionate engagement with elements and procedures, as he breathes existence into what could be a dry enterprise. 

Winters employs a course of action that is about layers and distinct summary vocabularies, working back again into the painting, and producing obvious adjustments and adjustments. He leaves the function open up more than enough for the viewer to think about the methods he took to arrive at the remaining painting. This is a single of the lots of deep pleasures that his artwork gives us. It both equally invites scrutiny and provokes self reflection.

Terry Winters, “Index 3” (2021), oil, wax, and resin on linen, 88 x 68 inches

Whilst Winters’s doing work system shares a little something with method painting (the doing the job out of every little thing in the portray), the variations are very important. If approach art, which originated with Jackson Pollock and formulated with the increase of Shade Subject portray and Sol LeWitt’s rule-sure wall drawings, was intended to minimize the importance of the artist’s hand, Winter season delivers the hand and drawing back into painting without nostalgia for gesture and signature flourishes. In truth, the link between drawing and wondering is decisive to his functions. They are like diagrams charting the techniques of their emergence into full perspective. In that regard, his paintings are visual proposals. 

By bringing alongside one another unique summary vocabularies employed in diverse branches of science, Winters equally reimagines LeWitt and turns his equipment-like efficiency into an accumulation of handmade and visible selections — into a condition of forthrightness and vulnerability. Outside of the domain of artwork, which is to say in the realm of every day life, Winters’s art is about choices, selections, excellent of attention, the shaping of one’s existence in time, proudly owning every little thing you do, and remaining intimately connected with the factor you are building. His is effective praise portray as an each day action

In “Index 1” (2020), Winters commences with a thinly painted, brushy turquoise floor, to which he provides a amount of layers, each individual consisting of a particular established of open up varieties or perforated shapes (circles that are outlined and loaded in with colour). By accumulating a type that is open somewhat than sound and impermeable, he finds means to be part of alongside one another his layers. The artist composes the wavering field of pink circles, for instance, by brushing pink into the circles and outlining them in dark blue, with the turquoise blue of the track record frequently nevertheless noticeable. As a consequence the pink circles generate a halation impact.  

Terry Winters, “Magic Architecture” (2020), oil, wax, and resin on linen 88 x 68 inches

A substantial, irregular purple circle looks to rest on a single of the bands heading from the prime to the base edge of an off-heart rectangle within just the turquoise industry. Is it aspect of the area of wavering circles, which imply movement, or is it individual? Can it be each? The use of heat (pink) and cool (blues and greens) colors suggests the solution is yes. 

In the mostly pink and crimson oil on paper “Curtain” (2020) and the other 4 will work in this team, Winters typically brings collectively a number of configurations of summary designs, normally circles and irregular styles, and equally joins and sets them at odds with each other. In “Echo” (2020), my focus shifts among how the distinctive vocabularies join and push from every single other. 

“Thyreos” (2020) is dominated by an outlined salmon-coloured oval that incorporates a scaled-down oval composed of perforated circles, a lot of of which are outlined in crimson and cream and filled in with gray and black. (A thyreos is a huge oval defend that was made use of by Hellenistic soldiers following the dying of Alexander the Terrific.) The ghostly outlines of before circular shapes are noticeable in the pink oval, which is set inside a perforated blue floor. These outlines are among the characteristics that will cause viewers to refocus focus, as well as acknowledge the visual instability of the painting. 

Terry Winters, “Thyreos” (2020), oil, wax, and resin on linen, 88 x 68 inches

Winters establishes a dialogue among the the several layers by location the pink oval in the blue subject and overlaying the two with perforations. The openings and perforations introduced to intellect the incised and punctured ceramic performs of Lucio Fontana, and prompted a experience that the image aircraft experienced been violated and destroyed. His use of multiple abstract styles shares one thing with Australian aboriginal bark paintings, but Winters is anxious with cosmology. He delivers these associations to thoughts without resorting to direct quotation or parody, deepening the breadth of his operate. 

By superimposing perforated levels and fields of unique forms, Winters comes at a destabilized composition, the place the boundaries in between determine and floor are porous, even though the more compact circles in just the oval and the bigger types superimposed on them convey an irresolvable visual tension in which similarity and big difference maintain a continuous friction. That friction looks very important to our experience of the work, as properly as its which means. We are living in a condition of continuous competition and co-existence. 

Think about all the distinctive summary designs and compositional structures that Winters has introduced together in “Magic Architecture” (2021), and one particular senses his skill to choreograph and compress various vocabularies. 

Terry Winters, “Curtain” (2020), oil on paper, 40 1/2 x 30 1/2 inches

In “Curtain,” the superimposing of a dense subject of outlined crimson circles on a pink, summary curtain created me feel of the pc-produced representations of the COVID-19 virus, to digital microscopes and other means of detecting the invisible — all the new apprehensions that have entered our lives. 

Winters’s awareness to the earth of science offers this exhibition a individual twist, provided the pandemic we have been living through for extra than a yr. In the 26 drawings carried out on tabbed index dividers, viewers may possibly sense that each index sheet frames the “contents,” but does not present what will be extra. This adds a observe of foreboding to the will work in the exhibition, starting with the drawings, their styles, clusters, tonal change, and shifts in materiality. I think Winters is identified to make abstraction open up to the world that he inhabits with no starting to be narrative or literal. This is a person rationale why he is a powerful artist. 

Terry Winters: Table of Contents continues at Matthew Marks Gallery (522 West 22nd Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan) via June 26.

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