Washington, DC-centered photographer Tavon Taylor explores the multidimensionality of his identification as a black queer adult in his sequence, “Soul Flower.” Influenced by a past really like and a earlier version of self, he leans into duality, wanting to know: “How do I distribute unconditional/uncensored appreciate even though also becoming in management?” The answer, for him, lies in letting go of societal constraints and finding toughness in vulnerability. By allowing for himself to accept the total vary of his identity, he finds freedom and peace.

“I had to drop the plan that only authorized me to be a single matter, which was currently set by culture,” he clarifies. “I made a decision to action absent from the strategy of being masked with intimidation. I believe becoming silenced for so very long confirmed me how to make the most of silence in a way that captivates a rigidity that reveals its self consistently all over lifestyle. This project represents development and shows, the way to completely blossom is to stand firmly in openness.”

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