In his latest exhibition, “Apparition,” currently on view at Anat Ebgi gallery, Los Angeles-based artist Greg Ito explores themes of new life, metamorphosis, and the ghosts we live with—personal history, generational trauma, and the invisible weight of being alive. As a new father, the juxtaposition of these themes rose to the surface for Ito this year—exposing the terror and hatred of the times we are living in, in contrast with the love and joy that he wants to surround his daughter with. “It’s this balancing act between the two that makes life what is is for me at this time,” he explains. “I look back at my family’s experiences in the Japanese American Internment Camps where they found light during an incredibly dark time when their livelihoods were stripped from them for no reason. Apparition is an exhibition where opposing forces collide, a space where human experience is exposed to the cycles of life, the heaviness of time, and the endless possibilities that the future holds both tragic and hopeful.

“Apparation” is on view at Anat Ebgi until November 20. See more below!