Internationally renowned artist, Sonny, is recognised for working with his innovative voice to increase recognition for critical environmental concerns, with his latest mural shining a light on wildlife corridors as an impressive conservation method that is bringing hope to the Cape leopard and other endangered wildlife.

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“For me, this Cape leopard is a symbol of hope, as individuals are waking up to new approaches of approaching conservation that are less about fencing off wildlife in character reserves, and much more about adapting our globe to let animals and humans to properly and peacefully co-exist. We human beings are not earlier mentioned mother nature, we are part of it.” – Sonny

Sonny’s new mural, painted in Cape City as part of the Baz-Art International Public Art, depicts a stunning Cape leopard and responds to the competition theme of ‘100% Sustainable’. Leopards and other wildlife are getting pressured into at any time smaller sized locations because of to human encroachment on their pure territories. This has led to inbreeding, which can have harmful extended-term effects on the species skill to thrive (and even survive), as genetic diversity enhances in general well being and resilience.

By his fantastically specific artwork, Sonny opens up a discussion around the growth and use of wildlife corridors as a way to backlink character reserves to other guarded regions as a way to encourage genetic diversity within wildlife populations. 

“The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the unintended impacts that disrupting organic ecosystems can have on human health and fitness. Even additional of a rationale to perform towards stitching alongside one another disjointed ecosystems for the sake of wildlife and humans alike!”

City up to date artist, Sonny has turn out to be most perfectly-recognized for his majestic and intricate significant-scale wildlife murals that are scattered across the globe.  His distinctive model of art blends realism with summary colouring and has quickly noticed him get notoriety within the road artwork earth.  His passion for employing his resourceful voice to increase recognition for essential societal and environmental challenges has also developed him a name for being an engaged artist, driven by a wish make an influence.

He experienced created impactful murals in much-reaching locations this kind of as New York, London, Canada, Russia, Miami, Eire, Amsterdam and South Africa.

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