The phrase “Bodega” signifies “grocery” in Spanish, which we phone “士多” (Shop) in Hong Kong. The character of a grocery retail outlet is a person-halt, all-inclusive, and most importantly, friendly. Galleries and artwork have constantly been a minimal distant from the general public, they are often labelled as large course and unaffordable, it looks that anyone in the discipline is often comparing just about every other’s style and wealth in an harmful method.

This fallacy is most likely deeply ingrained in several people’s hearts in Hong Kong. In view of this, Matt Chung, the founder of Artwork Streaming and Off The Record, curated “Art Bodega” all through the challenging occasions that the globe is still experiencing, and brought
together 5 artists to the K11 Artwork Mall.

Artists from unique countries include Jon Burgerman from the British isles, Maria Imaginario from Portugal, Timothy Gatenby from the Uk, Gunwoo Park from South Korea, and 2timesperday from Hong Kong, introduced forces to build this artwork pop-up exhibition with meals as a major concept.

The exhibition is composed of PIZZZA vinly determine and his primary paintings specially made by Jon Burgerman and Off The Document, legendary pastelle coloured lollipop sculptures handmade by Maria Imaginario, Timothy Gatenby’s reinterpretation of famous Anime people with fast food goods, Gunwoo Park, which is an pro at recreating objects with masking tape and LED lights, made a couple Hong Kong people’s childhood delicacies for his first Hong Kong exhibition, and and finally, 2timesperday from Hong Kong utilised his popular Illustration technique on Instagram to produce five prints connected to food items, hoping to allow viewers reflect on humanity. During the epidemic, it is challenging for all people to leave their household or even have a proper food at a restaurant with buddies. Less than this particular problem, via “Art Bodega”, with any luck , anyone can be reminded that any type of conversation in person should generally be cherished, while savoring “food” in an art variety, art can also be served as foodstuff for assumed.

Through the epidemic, it is hard for all people to leave their property or even have a proper meal at a restaurant with good friends. Under this particular predicament, through “Art Bodega”, ideally anyone can be reminded that any form of conversation in person should generally be cherished, when experiencing “food” in an artwork type, art can also be served as food for believed.

Get a glimpse down below for much more images from “Art Bodega”.

Will work by Gunwoo Park

Is effective by Gunwoo Park

Performs by Gunwoo Park, Layered masking tapes and LED

“Pizzza” Vinyl toy by Jon Burgerman

Operates by 2timesperday

Will work by Maria Imaginario

Is effective by 2timesperday

“When life gives you twists and turns” by Maria Imaginario, 2021

Will work by Tim Gatenby

Functions by Tim Gatenby

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